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Powunit have added an innovative and alternative power supply to its portfolio of energy solutions

The Solarcontainer represents a grid-independent solution as a mobile solar plant. Especially in remote areas it can guarantee a stable energy supply or support or almost replace a public grid with strong power fluctuations, as well as diesel generators that are used.

The use of multiple modules to increase the solar yield offers flexible scaling of the system, which can also be combined with battery systems and other energy storage devices.


In case of off-grid solutions, the Solarcontainer must be combined with a battery or a generator ( H2 preferably )

These then take over the function of the network former

The generator will be connected to the inverter, thus ensuring a stable power grid with 50Hz (60Hz UL Standard).

For more information, please contact our support for a personal and customized explanation of the possibilities.

In order to be able to use the high PV output when there are no hours of sunshine, the Solarcontainer can also be used in combination with an energy storage device as battery or H2 Storage

We can offer a H2 based system that is ideally suited to our Solarcontainer. For technical details and requirements, our competent team will be happy to help and advise you and will explain detailed product information to you.