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MPU´s For A Safer Environment

Mobile Pow UnitTM(MPUTM) is the title of a series of products that are being developed by PowUnit. The main component of the product range will be Fuel Cells from Powercell AB, who is a partner with PowUnit AS. Kongsberg Innovation is a co-owner of PowUnit AS and, together with its owner companies, represents central competence in the development of the company’s energy solutions.

The goal is that the MPU´s will replace conventional aggregates and be equipped for integration with different electrified machines.


PowUnit’s technology is based on Fuel Cells as the main component of comprehensive energy solutions. Hydrogen will be the most important energy carrier beside batteries.

Future energy sources will rely on renewable energy sources. Characteristic of renewable energy sources is that the energy supply is highly varied and not in line with human energy needs. Hydrogen is therefore expected, by many, to become the most important storage medium in the future. Batteries are suitable for extra “buffer energy” in our Mobile Pow Unit’s (MPUér).

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PowUnit will contribute to reduced air pollution, locally and globally. It is urgent to take measures that can lead us to replace polluting energy sources with clean renewable energy sources. Hydrogen, as an energy carrier, is the most appropriate energy carrier in very many “off grid situations” today.

In the future, we think hydrogen will be a vital energy carrier, as a component in the overall grid solutions (“on grid”). Excess current can be stored as hydrogen and thus retrieved for later needs.

Conversion of electricity to hydrogen and the opposite, hydrogen to current, takes place in an electrochemical process (energy + 2H2O <-> 2H2 + O2). Both processes are electrochemical and energy losses in this context can be used to a large extent if one is in need of heating.

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Community Needs

Today, the world’s most important source of energy is polluting, fossil energy. However, the Nordic countries have a strong position in the production of energy from hydro and wind power and eventually begin to develop some expertise in solar energy as well.

PowUnit believes that Norway/ the Nordic countries in the future will have significant revenues from services and products related to renewable energy sources. PowUnit is going to develop energy solutions where information exchange between stakeholders in the value chain and automation is ensured through digitization and use of the world’s leading technology – Mobile Pow UnitTM.

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