Overall goal

Provide mobile energy solutions, from 5-500kW, based on hydrogen as the central energy carrier. Our solutions will be based on world-leading and future-oriented technology.


Energy for customers that demand emissions-free environment, flexibility and security.


“Clean energy everywhere”



We unite customer needs with solutions across the industry.

Quality conscious

We will deliver the industry's smartest, green and mobile energy solutions.


Our customers are our partners. Collaboration is achieved through trust.

The company's business concept

PowUnit will develop and produce energy solutions. The primary target group at the start will be the construction industry. Secondly, leisure time (boats, motorhomes, cabins) and the hydropower industry are defined as secondary target groups. The company also sees an exciting potential in the fish farming industry and on a general basis all business areas, which benefit from conventional (diesel) aggregates.

PowUnit has the ambition to be the Nordic leader in energy solutions based on Fuel Cells. The company is linked to a network of skilled partners that gives the company the technological weight to succeed. The company’s foremost internal competence is today, primarily, related to business development, relationship building and commercialization. The company’s employees are keenly interested in Fuel Cell’s based energy solutions. We believe in hydrogen, as a vital energy carrier, to succeed in bringing clean energy solutions to off-grid locations. We also believe that hydrogen is the most efficient energy carrier suitable for optimizing renewable energy solutions on a large scale, as this becomes a more dominant source of energy.

PowUnit AS - Owner structure

Powunit AS will be the holding company of several subsidiaries, which are planned to be established in the Nordic region. Today PowUnit Sverige AB and PowUnit Norge AS are under construction.

The owners of Powunit AS are today distributed among the three entrepreneurs (Kåre Kåsin, Roger Karlsson and Knut Linnerud) and Kongsberg Innovation.


Arne Dahl


mobile: +47 919 00 770
email: arne.dahl@powunit.com

Øivind Gunnufsen


mobile: +47 908 88 080
email: oivind@powunit.com


PowUnit AS has established a partnership agreement with Powercell AB. Powercell is considered to be one of the world’s leading players in the production and development of Fuel Cell stacks and systems, and becomes an important part of PowUnit’s energy solutions.

Kongsberg Innovation is a co-owner of PowUnit and also an important partner based on the company’s extensive expertise in technology and business development.

The company is a partner with Norsk Hydrogenforum, OREEC and NCE Smart Energy Markets.

Zero is an environmental foundation that supports zero-emission energy solutions. PowUnit has entered into a partnership with Zero, which will contribute with expertise about hydrogen and climate.

PowUnit has a agreement with the EES. The EES is a company specializing in battery technology and electronics for monitoring and control. The company can assist our development with relevant equipment and expertise.

In addition, PowUnit is working closely with several substantial partners in production, distribution and customer relations.

“Clean energy everywhere”

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