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Then the first time we can see the Ecore One live, will be at the World Premiere at This Year’s ees Europe 19-21 June 2024

The plug-and-play complete solution for hydrogen-based autonomous power and heat supply for buildings promotes energy independence and CO2 neutrality for municipalities and businesses

Porsgrunn, 10. Juni 2024: The Ecore One by Infener – a pioneer in the production of decentralized and sustainable hydrogen solutions – and ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions GmbH (OHS) – a provider of solutions for local energy autonomy – will be presented live for the first time worldwide at this year’s ees Europe from 19 to 21 June 2024, at Messe München in Hall B2, Stand 430. This event also marks the launch of series production. The ees Europe is Europe’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems.

Recently awarded with the German Innovation Award, the Ecore One is a unique energy management system worldwide. The compact container solution enables autonomous power and heat supply for buildings and operates in a grid-friendly manner through its hydrogen battery, which is powered by renewable energy. The Ecore One can supply buildings with energy in a decentralized manner, helping to reduce grid congestion and costs. It thus represents an ideal solution for the sustainable heat planning of cities, municipalities, or companies.

The plug-and-play complete solution provides CO2-neutral energy and supports municipalities and companies in successfully meeting ESG criteria. The hydrogen battery, consisting of an electrolyser, a hydrogen pressure storage, and a fuel cell, serves as a long-term storage solution. The waste heat generated during electrolysis and the operation of the fuel cell is purposefully utilized and further optimized with the help of a heat pump. This holistic approach ensures an exceptionally high overall efficiency.

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